Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Handmade Journals - The New Year Craft Pimp Challenge

Early January, the Craft Pimp Forum members decided that it would be nice to have a forum challenge. All members on craft pimp are from different areas of crafting, so setting a challenge specific to make a handmade book encouraged a lot of the members to learn something new as well as create something beautiful and unique.

The response to the challenge was immense, and almost everyone got stuck in!

Sparkly sequinned journals by Sam / Black Heart Beads ...

Luxorious journals by Victoria / Cornish Dragon ...

Buttony love by Kerry / Trufflepiglet ...

Little Treasure notebooks by Freya / Poppet

Oriental surprise notebook by Julia / Pandanimal

Recyled Journal by Jill / Kiln Fired Art

Cute Consatina notebooks by Jo / Jo Walker Jewellery

Polymer Clay Journal notebooks by Kayleigh / Dizzy Kitten

Cherished momentos by Laney / Izzybeads

Fun and funky by Lesley / Tinchick

beautiful fabrics by Lynn / Nemeton

Luxorious by Nan / Polynana

All in all, the challenge has been such a roaring success!
Now to decide ... what challenge next?!

Special thanks to Jill at Kiln Fired Art for suggesting the challenge!

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