Sunday, March 4, 2012

{Blog Review} Life with Izzybeads

Who is it?
Laney at IzzyBeads

What Craft is it?
It's all about the Lampwork and glass fusing.

What to expect:
• Lovely stories about life and lampworking
• Great photos of animal adventures and glass beads
• Clean not overcrowded blog and easy to read
• Lampworking tutorials

Why we LOVE IT!
Laney's stories about bead fairs, tales out her studio and her animal adventures are always a pleasure to read. Addicted to every post, she makes us laugh with tales about being mad or eccentric. Probably something all crafters can relate to! Her beads are fabulous too, and we like to see what she has been working on in the previous weeks - gorgeous critters with cute bums and cheeky chickens inspired by her own battery-hen-rescues, behind each creation comes a little tale.

Amazing whimsical critter beads, or even something fromt he vegetable patch - she makes according to what inspires her in that moment, and that sort of impulsive variety means that you never get bored!

Other places on the web to find Laney
Etsy Shop - CLICK HERE
Ebay Shop - CLICK HERE

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  1. Hehehheeh...thats a great shot of Ever Ready :O) You make me sound like a fruit cake...but in a good way x