Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Twas the night before Flame Off...

...and I was bricking it!! 

What a good weekend, if not very hectic and exhausting, but good.  After my initial reserves about going to the Flame Off as a trader for the first time, the only other time being four or five years ago, before I had even turned on a torch, I tagged along with the ex sister in law for a day out.  I enjoyed it then but it did somewhat pass over the top of my head.  So, knowing that lots of incredibly talented people were going to be there, demo'ing, trading and generally sharing knowledge and swopping beads, I was blummin' nervous and more than once told the hubby to turn the car round and head home!  But, he wouldn't, so we arrived early Friday morning, Friday the 13th to boot, and what luck, I was right next door to Sam, Jolene and Kerensa, the latter keeping us all in tena lady moments...ask me about the minge bead, I just dare ya!

Opposite me was Ruth and Andy from A&R Beads, and their four pawed companion really made my weekend.

Playing with Kerensa

Can you see his special lead?

The portrait shot.
That very special four pawed companion, is Bentley, a 5 and half month old trainee guide dog for the blind.  He made several guest appearances throughout the show and practised using the lift and stairs and meeting all the very hyper and loud beady people.  He took the sting out of being away from my two golden retrievers for the weekend, I got my cuddle fix!

Unfortunately, due to being completely rubbish, Bentley was the only pictures I took!  I am itching to make a range of Bentley beads.  But the Flame Off was very good fun.  I won Intermediate Runner Up in the GBUK Competition and had a voucher for glass and a fabulous bead roller from Pegasus.  Lynn Davy won the Bead Stringing  Jewellery Challenge, us Craft Pimpers Rock.  Unfortunately, again, I got so excited about spending my voucher that I have forgotten the name of the lady who won the Intermediate Prize, but her exhibit was beautiful, as were all the exhibits in both bead and jewellery.

I was so lucky to be next to Sam, who discussed at length with me cold working fused glass, thank you Sam x  and Jolene who flitted about like a beady butterfly, nearly as much as Kerensa!  Not having seen so much murrini up that close I was rather amazed at the skill needed for such delicate slices of glass beauty. 

I just loved the marbles and faceted beads from the ladies, then there was the glass suppliers, lots of Tuffnells carrier bags laden with glass left the building, so much so that white ran out by lunchtime Saturday...and of course I needed white!

It was very nice to discuss glass colours, COE's, pro's and con's without someone telling me to shut up, or worse yawn!  So much glass talk and I now have a day trip to Stourbridge and Plowden and Thompson to look forward too, not to mention the Stourbridge Glass Event in August this year.  Hopefully I won't be as nervous meeting everyone again.

Perhaps next year I will take pictures of glass!


  1. aww that was a lovely read Laney :-D

  2. I didn't take any pictures at the Flame Off either - there was too much going on, I completely forgot about my camera! It was lovely to meet you this year Laney :)