Friday, May 18, 2012

Book Review: Homemade Gifts Vintage Style

Homemade Gifts Vintage Style
by Sarah Moore
RRP £16.99

This book has over 60 ideas (if I counted right!) for gifts, most of them quite quick to make and so satisfying if you're strapped for time. The introductory parts of the book quickly go over stitches and using a sewing machine, so some very basic sewing knowledge is needed before you decide to take on projects in this- largely sewing focused- book. There is a more substantial section on how to look for useful vintage materials to upcycle, such as tapestries to reuse the fabrics and old furniture. A lot of the projects take these old items- and with a lick of paint or a bit of decoupage- are transformed into new items such as fabric covered suitcases or teacup candles.

Nothing in this book is particularly difficult or very revolutionary. Some of the "projects" are as simple as wrapping some plates and cheese with ribbon to give as a present, or putting a collection of old beads into a jar, however they may just trigger an idea for a gift hamper for a friend of member of the family with a particular hobby or interest.

The pictures in this book are lovely and vintagey- as you might expect- and the templates page is disguised as photographs which makes a section- that would otherwise be dull to look at- a lot prettier. The list at the back that puts the projects in the book in sections to suit various gift giving occasions.

This book is not for you if you're after taxing crafts and to develop your skills beyond the basics, however if you're a craft butterfly, a newcomer to making your own, or even just after a pretty coffee table book then if you can find it for less than £12, this might just be your thing.

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