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A Thing A Day Keeps The Blues Away - Lynn Davy

A Thing A Day Keeps The Blues Away – Meeting the Year Long Challenge
Lynn Davy


We have a Year Long Challenge running on the Craft Pimp Forum. The Challenge is to make something every week of 2013. I got a bit carried away though and started making something every day.


So far I have just about managed to keep this up and as a result I now have a lot of Thing-A-Day Things, in spite of the fact that I have already given away or sold quite a few of them.

Here are most of the ones I’ve got left.

That’s quite a pile, and I still have three quarters of the year to go...

Why did I decide to set myself this challenge? Rampant over-enthusiasm, I think, coupled with the realisation that my stash is just going to become ever more unmanageable if I don’t start using my craft materials instead of hoarding them.

I do seem to have quite a few beads – this is the tip of the iceberg, a selection of goodies from the lovely folks I’ve met on Craft Pimp:

And I have a cupboard-and-a-half full of paper, paint, scrapbooking stuff and vintage fabric along with several boxes of found objects and bits and pieces that I just couldn’t bring myself to throw away.
Definitely time to start using them up.
Some days it hasn’t been easy to find the time to make anything... my default is earrings, although sometimes those take me ages because I am picky about finding just the right beads (and also a bit rubbish at wirework so I often have to have several goes at my wrapped loops). I have also resorted to folding a sheet of paper into an ‘instant book’ at five to midnight...

... although the result has been very useful, it lives on my work table so I can instantly scribble down all the new ideas that are generated by constantly making new things.
And my most minimal ‘make’ was probably this:

One fabulous Tan Grey bead and a lot of cursing as I tried to get the light switch cord through the hole without it fraying! I do love this though, and use it every day.
Useful ‘makes’ are the most satisfying of all, because I can justify keeping my cherished materials if I’m actually using them. The one I’m most proud of – and also probably the most challenging – is a vintage fabric cover for my ancient sewing machine.

Sewing is not one of my creative skills – or wasn’t until recently – so this took me a long time to design and engineer, and it isn’t perfect by any means but it keeps the dust out of the machine and I get to see that lovely fabric every day.

The machine is quite happy to sew paper as well as fabric – this is a first attempt at paper patchwork, covering a handmade book (also stitched) that is now on the other side of the Atlantic cheering up a friend of mine:

On the days when my beads aren’t speaking to me, I’ve turned to other materials instead and have had a go at mobiles, decoupage, book structures and mixed-media sculpture.
Like this collage, wire and cotton butterfly.

And this windchime with Tan’s lovely ceramic components, the inside out of a roll of parcel tape, some bits from an old book, a lick of paint and some leftover tapestry wool.

Silk painting and patchwork are on the to-do list as well. And I have a chair seat that needs re-upholstering...

A crafter’s work is never done. And a good thing too.

You can see more of my Thing-A-Day things on my blog:

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  1. Some fabby stuff Lynn, you are so industrious - the only thing I manage to make every day is a mess! xx