Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Interview with Kayleigh Sexton - Cyndra Arts

Today I am interviewing Kayleigh Sexton of Cyndra Arts. Kayleigh's creations make me feel happy, she has a wonderful creative touch combining bright colour combinations and quirky shapes with sparking charm and whimsy.

How did you get started as a polymer clay artist?

One day I was in The Range, and I saw this colourful stuff called ‘Fimo.’ I’d never heard of it before and immediately I thought ‘oooh I could make my own beads, how cool would that be!’ So I bought a few blocks and made my first beads that evening. I’ve always been creative and arty but especially since then I have wanted to make things more and more.

What would you like to do/learn/take up in the future to further your process?

I want to learn to fuse glass. I took a day class last summer and absolutely loved it. Since then I have been adamant that I want a kiln and glass is the way I want to further my work, and with a kiln looking like it’s coming my way sooner rather than later I can hopefully start down this path very soon!

How has your crafting and inspiration evolved over time?
I think my crafting has become more sophisticated, but I haven’t let ‘me’ disappear out of my work. I started very simple with polymer clay, and progressed to more complex but fun and funky designs. I gained inspiration from other polymer clay artists and they helped me progress to where I am now. I then found the plastic that I’ve been using more recently, and have been progressing in the same way as I did with the polymer clay using other artists as a way to learn and getting inspiration from all things colourful.

 What is your favourite ever piece of work?

These doorknobs. They were commissioned by my Dad and Step Mum for their kitchen. My Step Mum and I went and chose the colours to match the house and then she let me do what I wanted with those colours to make them fit in with the rest of the house.

I absolutely love them, and so do they. They look amazing in their kitchen (though we never realised how many door knobs a kitchen could have!!) and I am so proud of them every time I go to open a cupboard. Even though I made them, I still have to stop and touch them because they are so tactile, and I just love to look at them. I also added a personal touch to some of them which only they and I know about so it makes them even more special to me.

Where do you find your inspiration?

Everywhere! Other art, the natural world around me, things in shops, colour combinations that I glimpse here and there. It comes from everywhere really.

Do you craft for your living or is it more of a hobby/passion/obsession? 

It is my passion and obsession, and this is the reason why I will one day craft for a living :D 

What is your greatest crafting success? And your most spectacular failure? 

I think the biggest success would be the Nightmare Before Christmas wedding cake topper I made for my sister in law. It was incredibly fun to make, and went down a storm at the wedding. There are things I would have changed about it, but I am really proud of it.

As for the failures, I have some really ugly earrings that I’ve made recently. They will never come to anything. They are the combinations of heating them too much so they splodged everywhere, and colours that don’t quite go together. I have a whole pile of earrings like this!

What other crafts do you dabble in/would you like to try?

Well I’ve just learnt how to make French Beaded Flowers, which are really therapeutic to make. I’d love to be able to have a go at making pots. Clay looks fun, and messy which makes it even more intriguing!

Do you listen to music while you create? What is your favourite track? 

I like to listen to audiobooks. I love to read, and I love to make, so combining both is perfect! The Harry Potter audiobooks are some of my favourites, as are all the Stephen King audiobooks.

Who is your favourite artists or designer? 

I have always loved Dali’s work. It’s so surreal and completely amazing. I could stare at his paintings all day. I also love the watercolours of Amy Brown. She paints fairies and mystical creatures and you can just get lost in her world when looking at her paintings.

When not creating/crafting what is your favourite thing to do? 

Spending time with my lovely man. Soppy I know but time with him is always happy time.

Who would you choose to play you in the movie of your life? 

Drew Barrymore. She’s brilliant, is always smiling and has just the right amount of ditziness about her :D