Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Wednesdays Blog Post

Our lovely Jill from Kiln Fired Art has written some brilliant tutorials and also has made some rather wonderful YouTube videos.  Click on this link to take you through to the Craft Pimp page and click on her link to her fabulous tutorial on how to use recycled glass in making a glass dish.

Kiln Fired Art

Jill has also been blogged about by another blog, and it does make a wonderful read click here to take you to the page

Laney x

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Tuesdays Treasury

A fabulous collection of beautiful items from the Craft Pimp team on Etsy, this week the focus is on metals, from jewellery findings to silvered glass beads, finished jewellery, cards and more.

'Let the metal flow' by IzzyBeads

A collection of beautiful metals from silver glass beads to copper findings for jewellery, jewellery, cards, bottles and more.

Handmade Etched Copper Bead ...

Star adjustable ring

Lotus Bloom - Sterling and T...

Labyrinth & the Goddess - Ne...

Copper Beech - Handcrafted ...

Embossed Metal Dragon Greeti...

MADE TO ORDER Single Saxon S...

Etched copper crow raven cuf...

Textured sterling silver pen...

handmade lampwork glass bead...

Bright Pink, Black and Silve...

Iron Pyrite Elasticated Brac...

Handmade Lampwork Dusky Pink...

Cream and Green Handmade Lam...

Flat bottle cheeseboard with...

Ocean winds - handmade lampw...

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Monday, July 29, 2013

The Market Place - 29.07.13

Sales, specials and out and about

Beadathon was a great success with so many lampworkers joining us on line and in the studio of Jolene from Kitz Bitz Art Bead.  On behalf of Craft Pimp I would love to say thank you to all that took part, who donated and who promoted the Beadathon on social media sites, those that made beads for donation and to all the ladies that came to the studio and took a turn on the torch, to Jolene's hubby and children for leaving their home for the two days so that we could invade it.

A MASSIVE THANK YOU from all of us.  You all rock x

Friday, July 26, 2013

Friday's Favourite - Jolene Wolfe of KitzBitz Art Beads.

Friday's Favourite is Jolene Wolfe from KitzBitz Art Beads
Today is the start of the Beadathon, a 24 hour lampwork bead making marathon to raise awareness and money for the Beads of Courage charity, supporting children and their families with serious illness such as cancer.
The Beadathon is the brainchild of Jolene Wolfe of KitzBitz Art Beads.  Its the second year the Beadathon has happened, last year, 2012, saw a small group of lampworkers from the Craft Pimp Forum gather at Jolene's home studio to burn the torches throughout the day and night.  We had an amazing time and raised a fair amount of money and made hundreds of beads which then went into the programme for the children.
Jolene makes lampwork supplies which she sells in her Etsy shop FritNChips

Jolene also makes fabulous Buzzword Beads, her unique and distinctive styled beads for bracelets
Pop over to Jolene's Blog to read all about the Beep Beep Robots she has been making for Beads of Courage.
If you would like to sponsor all of us and support this charity please click on the link to go to the Just Giving page
You can find more about Jolene and her glass art by clicking on the links below


While you are reading this I will be driving to Jolene's to start my shift at the torch, I just wanted to say to Jolene, on behalf of everyone involved in the Beadathon and those of us that love to hang out at the Craft Pimp Forum that she set up......
Laney x


Thursday, July 25, 2013

Thursday tutorial

This fabulous book has just been released by The Soda Lime Times to raise money for Beads of Courage the charity supporting familes and children with cancer. 
As the big BEADATHON starts tomorrow, Friday 26th July I thought it quite apt to share this link today.
Soda Lime Times - Beads of Courage Tutorials

Please support us for the Beadathon 24 hour beadmaking marathon you can use the Just Giving page to make a donation, help us get to £500, that would be brilliant.

Laney x 

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Review of 4 day workshop with JC Herrell Lampworker by Earthshine Beads

Todays Wednesday's Blog Post is from Linda of Earthshine Beads

When I read on Diana East's newsletter that JC Herrell was coming to teach at her studio 19 in Leicester I was over the moon. I have admired JC's beads for her amazing stringer work and those of you who read my blog will know how much I want to perfect this skill. I paid my deposit back in April at Flame Off and finally the time came for the workshop.

I chose to do all of the 4 days of the workshop although you could choose which days you wanted to do if you didn't want to do all of them.

Each of the days followed a similar pattern where we introduced ourselves to each other (bearing in mind that different people did different days) and told JC what we hoped to get out of the day.

Geat hat JC!

Day 1: Back to basics, shaping and heat control.

Now you may be thinking, you've seen my beads, nothing wrong with the shape but I rely heavily on my tools and thought it would be a good idea to go back to basics and learn how JC does it.

These are the beads I made. The big amber barrel was made by JC. You can see how tight her corners are compared to mine - but they did improve! The only tool used to make these was a marver.

It was a very useful exercise especially after having just visited Murano where everything is about speed and slap it on the mandrel.

Day 2: The Joy of Enamels.

I've had the occasional play with enamels with both demo's from Diana East and Astrid Reidal but not really done anything with them so was really excited to be doing this workshop.

We covered everything to do with enamels including safety, enameled stringer, apply the stingers, rolling in enamel, sifting and boiling. We also covered the first steps in stringer work.

Enameled spacers with fine black centre line. (I have to say I didn't make these actual beads on the day but had a go when I got back)
Faded enamels with fine stringer work. Very pleased with how this bead turned out.

Painterly effect with enameled stringers. I made this a bit small so didn't have enough room to create the desired effect but I like it anyway. Very monetesque which is one of my favourite artists.

My own interpretation.

Days 3 & 4: The Joy of Stringer.

I think JC just about covered every time of stringer work going apart from scrolls (she don't do scrolls!)

There are too many tecniques to mention here and I didn't bother keeping all of my practice beads but here are a couple.

Lots more practice required as you can see.

JC is a fantastic teacher - the best lampwork teacher I have had so far. She has a background in corporate team building and peppered her classes with little stories and motivational tips. I also have the most comprehensive set of notes that I have ever been given for a class.

I can safely say that she is one of a kind and a pleasure to know. I am very fortunate that I will be able to meet her again when I go to The Gathering in Rochester New York (only 3 weeks away!).

I like to treat myself to a little bead that the teacher of the workshop has made and this is the one I chose. Isn't it smashing?

I have some photos of the class over on Facebook.

A big thankyou to Diana East and JC Herrell for a fantastic workshop. It was great meeting up with old friends and making some new ones.

Thanks for looking.


Earthshine Beads

Monday, July 22, 2013

The Market Place - 22.07.13

Friday, July 19, 2013

Fridays Favourite, Impressionist Paintings and the Light of Summer

Impressionism.  Its all about the light.

With this fabulous few weeks of hot summer, bright sunshine and long days, its been wonderful to enjoy wearing less clothes, eating outdoors, BBQ's and being a bit lazy if I am totally honest, but the best thing about these days, for me, is the light.

I love painting and wish I could paint like the Impressionists, all that light and colour.  Renoir used light and colour for movement in his paintings, Monet used colour and broken lines to capture the essence of the subject, allowing the eye of the viewer to mix the colours.  English Impressionist painters like J W Turner known as the 'painter of light' and John Constable his paintings full of feeling, used the impressionist style to give art a modern view of life, the here and now.  The style is evocative, energetic, lively and full of light.

Summer sunshine always reminds me of these things, life, light, spontaneity, energy and the ability to do anything we want if we just let ourselves go!

Our very own Jill Egan of Kiln Fired Art her brush strokes bring still life to life with her use of the light!
Jill from Kiln Fired Art Craft Pimp Team
I found this painter Robert Hagan whilst looking at Impressionist Painters on the web, his work is romantic and light.
Robert Hagan Australian Impressionist Painter

Zhaoming Wu is one of my most favourite modern day impressionist painters, his brushstrokes are just like pure magic on a canvas.
Zhaoming Wu

I could list so many other Impressionist Painters that I love, in so many mediums but this is just one blog, maybe next time.

Enjoy your weekend, don't forget the sun cream and watch out for bitey bugs!!

Laney x

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Thursday's Tutorial

How to use scrap polymer clay from Hazel at Continuum Designs.
I see so many fabulous things done with polymer clay and each time I have had a go it ends up a sticky blobby mess, so disappointing.
I have seen beautiful focal beads

Gorgeous sculptural beads

and simply beautiful sets of beads all created with canes handmade by the artist and formed into beads

Hazel from Continuum Designs has kindly allowed me to share this great tutorial on what to do with scrap pieces of polymer clay, if only mine didn't turn to mush!
This tutorial isn't going to revolutionize the claying world. I'm not even entirely sure it qualifies as a tutorial per se; it's essentially a simple little design tweak I use whenever I have scrap Skinner blend pieces or cane ends.

In short: gather scrap clay in various colours and scrunch them together. You're aiming for medium sized 'blocks' of colour, as these work best, so break up or cut and re-assemble the clay until you're happy with it, then work it into your desired shape and pierce a stringing hole.

Roll a very thin snake of black clay; the thinner, the better (or just use an extruder like a sensible person. I.E. not me)

Using the thin string of black, outline all the boundaries between the different colours, nudging the clay string gently so it conforms to the pattern of the bead. Where the clay colours are starting to blend, pick the most interesting path to follow.

Place a piece of baking paper around the bead and gently press the black lines into the bead to make sure they're adhered properly.

Bake bead.

Sand bead.

Glaze bead.

Go do something else.

Thanks Hazel.
For more information on Hazel and her beautiful polymer clay designs visit her website