Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Ouch!!! That hurt, Crafts that Bite

Blog Spot.
This week we have the talented Vic from Cornish Dragon on Etsy .  Vic makes the most amazing art dolls
Art doll on Etsy
 as well as beautiful lampwork designs for jewellery

Lampwork Popper on Etsy

Now go and grab a cuppa and get comfy, as Vic very kindly wrote this funny piece for the blog spot, about her first attempts at needle felting.

Vic, the Cornish Dragon loves to craft and she really wanted to try needle felting, it looked a lovely sweet craft and it wasn't knitting. Well Vic had heard that needle felting could hurt but she scoffed at that idea as Vic needle felts hair onto the heads of her cloth art dolls and enjoys melting glass in a very hot flame.

So she had her sponge felting base, assorted sizes of needles and lots of pretty coloured wool, but what to make. Well Vic’s son really wanted a green bird made as team mascot for his school sports day the next afternoon. No problem that will be easy thought Vic, then she was wishing that she hadn't bought her son lots of bird books as he showed her a
picture “mum can you make it like this bird it’s a Firecrest and I like that green wool.” Vic looked at the book, the wool and back to the book again and thought Firecrests aren't green and certainly not that green. So she took a hank of wool rolled it into shape and placed it on the sponge base and repeatedly stabbed it with the needle. The bird slowly took shape and then …. OUCH!!! Vic had stabbed her finger with the sharp barbed needle. She looked at it and there wasn’t a lot of blood and surprisingly didn't hurt a lot. So she carried on with making the bird and then …… OUCH!! She had stabbed herself again and it wasn't too bad so she carried on and finished the bird. 

A few weeks later it was a very wet and Cold May Bank Holiday, Vic’s children were watching a very cheesy disaster movie and her husband was asleep on the sofa. Vic just 
need to craft and if she wanted to go out to her shed she would have either had to put on waders or a wetsuit and flippers. So she looked at the wool and thought she would give the needle felting another try. Vic had wanted to make acorns for a while, so she put everything on her lap tray and started needle felting.  The children and their friend were giggling at a clichéd moment in the film which distracted Vic for a moment; she broke out in a cold sweat the needle had just grazed by her finger. She took a deep breath and carried on felting ….. OUCH!!!! Yes she had stabbed her finger. Vic eventually made six acorns and also realised that watching telly, noisy children, a snoring husband and needle felting does not mix well.

Vic is still needle felting but not while watching telly and yes she does occasionally stabs her finger with the needles. She has bought a box of plasters and is looking forward to finding new extreme craft and it’s certainly not knitting. 


  1. Brilliant Vic! Love the little bunny and the acorns. I must of missed those on Craft Pimp.

  2. Lol - Vic, you made me laugh. Extreme crafting, brilliant:)