Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Across the Pond with Kayleigh from CyndraArts.

Kayleigh from CyndraArts our lovely team member of Craft Pimp is currently in Vermont in the United States visiting relatives and lots of fabulous craft fairs and events, she has sent me this wonderful piece about her visit to the New England Craft Fairs and I am sooooooooooooo jealous!!
Introducing Kimberlee Forney and New England Craft Fairs!

One of my favourite things about coming to Vermont is getting to experience the New England Craft Fairs, which are in my opinion the best type of craft fair!

The thing I find with English craft fairs is that they tend to be very small, and not very busy. Compared to the craft fairs I visit in Vermont, English craft fairs are definitely more 'table top sales' than an actual decent sized fair.

New Englanders know how to do it right! Big craft fairs with huuuge marquees, hundreds of artists and crafts people, and most importantly, thousands of people through the gate!

The artists aren't restricted to the normal 6 x 2 foot table at the edge of the room, rather they have a whole booth with 3 walls to do what they want with, that space is theirs to play with to display their perfectly.

I'm visiting two or three craft fairs while I am here and I'm going to introduce you to a few of my favourite artists from those fairs.

First up is the lovely Kimberlee Forney who paints the most fun stuff EVER! I love Kimberlee's work because it reminds me of Vermont, and is just simply full of fun, personality and colour. Here is Kimberlee with her booth – love it! Each wall is full of some her original work (she told me she has over 500 originals so this is definitely just a fraction of it!) and then around the walls are shelves which have her prints (which I bought two of) and other bits and bobs like these brilliant coasters (I couldn't resist them!) :D

You can find Kimberlee on her facebook page, and you can see a more extensive range of her work on her website and I will definitely be going back to visit her at the next craft fair she does in a week or so, and one day I will be buying one of those original paintings of hers, just need a place to put it first!

I'll introduce you to another New England artist very soon, but until then, keep smiling!

Kayleigh xx
Thanks so much Kayleigh, hope you are enjoying your hols we miss you xx


  1. You do know Vermont isn't in Canada, right? ;) Hope you're all doing OK I'll check in sometime.

  2. I know that, Laney typo'd :P Hehe!

  3. Bother I am having a 'duh' week I think.....changing it now! Lx