Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Texture on poly clay with Dysfunction Designs.

Kirsty from Dysfunction Designs makes polymer clay beads and jewellery.  I have long since admired her beads as they are so very tactile looking and as all ladies that bead know, running your hands through beads is a wonderful experience!

Mens bracelet in Dysfunction Designs Etsy shop
Boho style available in Kirsty's Etsy shop
Kirsty made a Youtube video about how she puts texture on her beads you can find it HERE or if you prefer to visit the Craft Pimp Forum just click the link to take you to the video on there.
Super Funky Mixed Bead Mens Necklace on Etsy
I do like Kirsty's style it reminds me of long hot days on the beach watching all the surfers and kayakers, those strong tanned bodies, big waves and the sound of waves and laughter, those days are well and truly behind me now, these days its more ice cream cone in the bus shelter with a blanket on my knees and a faithful hound at my feet, but its nice to remember those care free days and Kirsty's designs really have that feel to them.
For more of Kirsty's work visit her Etsy shop or find her on Facebook or settle back with a cup of tea and watch a few of her videos on Youtube 
Have a great Wednesday.

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