Friday, September 27, 2013

Meet the team.......Jill from Kiln Fired Art

Its meet the team time on the Craft Pimp blog, today we will talk to Jill from Kiln Fired Art and ask her all those questions that we really need to know, what did she have for breakfast the day before yesterday?  Does she really have 3 sugars in her tea?
Jill creates the most beautiful glass and ceramic art, she paints, she etches, she designs and I have it on very good authority that she rather likes a nice glass of vino too!
Lets start with something beautiful from Jills Etsy shop
So Jill if you could be a muppet which one would you be and why?

Fozzie bear coz he's cuddly

What is your worse quality?

Being perfect  ;), or not  ;D

Cheese and pickle sandwich or cheese and tomato with salad cream?

Half and half

What song best describes you?

Girls just wanna have fun

How weird are you on a scale of 1-10?

Probably 6 but I'd like to be 10.5

When will pigs fly?

When Laney makes one
I am sure that Jill could make one she is just being super lazy really!

If you were a brick in the wall, which brick would you be and why?

One high up on a castle turret with the best view so I'm always inspired

If you could write your own eurlogy what would it say?

I'm gone, bet you wish you bought something sooner

How would you get an elephant into the freezer?

Take it to the Arctic

and finally question 10....

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Still learning and playing, and maybe it's time for teaching
To find out more about Jill you can visit her on the web at her Etsy shop or her website, you could even pop round and have a coffee with her, or wait until early evening when she un corks that wine, but then I would have to tell you where she lives....
you can find more of Jills beautiful pieces in her Flickr album here


  1. Fame at last, thank you laney. Loved the questions BTW

  2. Fun questions, nice to read all about you Jille! Always loving your copper cuffs! x