Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Riddle me Craft Pimp Treasury WINNER....Heather Kelly

Over on the Craft Pimp Facebook page we have daily themes for everyone to join in and post their links for the theme of the day, all that is asked is that you comment and like and maybe share a few of the posts.  Lynn, from Lynn Davy Beadwork has been making up treasuries to go with the themes and came up with the idea of making a Riddle Me treasury, just to get the juices flowing over the weekend.  The treasury is made up of items from around Etsy and has a theme, you guess the theme and email Lynn with the answer, all the right answers go into the draw and a lucky winner is pulled out.
The first winner for the Riddle Me Treasury was Heather  and she kindly wrote up this article for the blog.
I was lucky enough to have my name pulled out of the hat for Lynn Davy's first Riddle Me This treasury Riddle Me This 1, and she sent me a Mini Mojo set of beading goodies.

It arrived and I opened the packaging to find this!

Isn't it cute? A tiny Really Useful Box! (I'm one of those people who love boxes, so this made it even better). Opening it up...

I found it stuffed to the brim with treasure! Love the autumnal colour scheme too - I asked for a surprise rather than specifying one, and this is perfect. Lynn is great at picking beads that all go together.

The top layer was some sparkly sparkly crystals.
The next was some bigger seed beads in different shapes. The twisted bugles are dusted with gold, there are some cubes, and I really love the little drop beads - there are pearly white ones in there as well as deep red berry-coloured ones.
Then there was an assortment of chips: amber, red tigerseye, jasper, carnelian. The amber in particular is lovely.

Some Czech pressed glass: leaves, flowers, daggers with frosted and AB sides. The little puffy triangle beads are a really nice shape.

Finally, a bag of shell and pearl beads. The long shell pieces are fab and give me all kinds of ideas!

I was pulling bag after bag out of here with delight - it made my day, thank you Lynn! I'll come back and show what things I make from it. There's enough in here for a really big fancy necklace, or several bracelets, or innumerable earrings...

Lynn sells bigger Mojo Boxes on Etsy, along with her seed bead tutorials and kits - have a look and be inspired! Lynn Davy - Nemeton

Thank you to both Lynn and Heather.
Anyone that would like to play can just come over to our Facebook page and the new Riddle Me treasury will be posted sometime during the week, we would love to see you there :)

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