Thursday, January 30, 2014

January 2014 the bird feeder challenge.

Over at the Craft Pimp forum we had a little 'in house' challenge, something to brighten up the dull winter days of January's gloom and get the mojo working after the indulgent Christmas period.
When January comes in the UK so does the worst of the weather.  Traditionally January is mid-winter.  The hedgerows are bare, the mist is low and the days run into an endless grey monotony.
So, I...that's me Laney from Izzybeads came up with the challenge of making bird feeders.  The challenge was a strict 'no buy' challenge you had to use the things from the cupboards - with the exception of bird seed/food that could be shop brought but as you can see with the wonderful entry from Purple Cobwebs it wasn't completely necessary to buy in bird food.
We had quite a few entries and a varied collection of bird feeders, some enter more than others.....but I don't think this was an advantage as all of Blue Box Studio's designs using the beautiful bone china cups and saucers were a theme she just ran with, and don't those birds enjoy some unique and posh bird feeders in her garden?

Blue Box Studio

Blue Box Studio

Blue Box Studio

Blue Box Studio

Blue Box Studio

And the winner is....Blue Box Studio with the fantastic collection of beautiful quintessentially English Garden tea cups and saucers which do make the most delightful bird feeders, they certainly look like they brighten up a dull and grey English winter day!

We all had a lot of fun designing and making bird feeders and the wildlife in our gardens have all benefitted as well.
Some of these designs are so simple and by using the items you would normally throw away you can create disposable bird feeders, when they get a bit grubby and past their best 'chuck 'em' away and recycle something else.
Remember birds have a hard time in the UK finding food during the dark days of winter so help them along and pop a few nibbles out in your garden and be rewarded with a flutter of colourful wings to an otherwise dull January day.
For more information on feeding the birds please do take a minute to visit the RSPB for advice on what to feed the birds.


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Market Place 27.01.14

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The Market Place 13.01.14

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The Market Place

Happy New Year everyone xx