The Team on Craft Pimp actively support the Beads of Courage Program. We take pride in donating and making beads and/or bead bags to this wonderful charity that help children with their hard journey with their recovery.

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The Beads of Courage® Program is curretly being introduced in Oncolgy Wards in hospitals all across the UK.
Cancer in children and teenagers is more common than you think with 4,000 children and teenagers diagnosed in the UK each year. Some of the cancers that children get are extremely aggressive and therefore require more aggressive forms of treatment. These treatments can be very harsh and unpleasant and leaves them weak and vulnerable to all kinds of infections.

The Beads of Courage Programme is a new concept being introduced in the UK which is designed to support children going through their treatment. It allows them to tell their story using colourful beads. The beads are used as meaningful symbols of courage that commemorate different milestones such as blood transfusions, bone marrow transplants, hospital stays, chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments. Their beads build up over time into a unique record of what they have been through. Some days are really tough for these kids. However, the beads are used for encouragement and say to everyone “that was tough….but….I did it”

Beads of Courage in the UK is sponsored by: Be Child Cancer Aware

The Beads of Courage Program depends upon two types of beads:
1. Program Beads. These are the vast majority of beads that we use in the program. These beads are commercially manufactured due largely to the sheer numbers involved. These beads are the ones that you may have seen on bead guides that correspond to specific events in treatment. We don’t ask artists to make program beads.

2. Act of Courage Beads. These are the artist-made glass beads that are given to acknowledge the milestones in their treatment journey. This year, we expect that we will need approximately 100,000 of these handmade beads donated so that children can continue to receive one-of-a-kind beads for significant treatment milestones. These beads truly bring the arts to our arts-in-medicine mission. Thank you!

What is an Act of Courage Bead? Act of Courage beads can take almost any form that you would like to make - it's an opportunity for you let your imagination go and make new things or whatever you want to do. The 3/32 (approx. 2.5mm) mandrel is preferred but other sizes are also usable.
If you are a beadmaker (glass or other media) and would like to know the
special requirements and how to go about donating beads to Beads of Courage


Would you be interested in making some bead bags so that our wonderful children who are enrolled into the Beads of Courage programme have a lovely bag to carry their beads in?

Some of our children have upwards of 2,000 treatments during their treatment journey and their precious beads become very heavy and they need somewhere special to store them.

If you enjoy sewing and would like to donate some bags to our children on the Beads of Courage programme, we’d really appreciate your help.  It would also be nice to include a message of encouragement for the child who will receive the bag.


Here are some pictures from our past and present CRAFT PIMP donations.

Laney at Izzybeads is also creating critter lampwork bead tutorials for Beads of Courage

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